A Hundred Year Anniversary!

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A tokong (temple) at the back of my grandma house celebrate its 100 years anniversary.

They celebrate it for two days and two nights.

Despite of the noise, all the people in the neighbourhood are so supportive of this tradition and there were so many people came to see the parade. The crowds will collect the candies and small packages of rice thrown down from the parade vehicles. An auntie standing next to me insist me to take some home and mix them with the rice at home. It was said to bring us good luck and safety.

We drove from Kauala Lumpur last Friday and arrived at night. The next day (the first day of the celebration), I peek from the kitchen window and see one whole pig is being roasted. Later in the evening of the day, the people who came and visit the temple have a feast.

I left my camera in KL on this trip. I came to see it on the second day taking my sister's camera.

Getting there, the first 5 minutes I feel kinda lost. I see many decorated parade vehicles like ones you find on Mardi Gras --sans the rainbow and is held for a religious cause.

After kept walking around for 10 more minutes, I find a corner where the participants were having their adornment set up. I instantly get the mood of this event.

People of all ages and race sit together and didn't hesitate to lend their helping hand when needed :')

And soon the peak of the event started...

Noticing that I'm not a local, a man tell me that these people are possessed by gods.

And this is even more interesting.

This chair-like altar came from other temple (there were many of them and many come from another city, town, and even states) to 'wish' this temple happy birthday.

I return home at 3-4 PM to have a break. Once I get home I ask my dad many things.

Back in his twenty-something, my dad was one of these altar bearer guy. He told me that the altar may look small but is very heavy --as if someone is sitting on it.

They believe that the altar was moved by the spirit of God/ Goddess.




There is a Chinese opera play performed in Hokkian language. Many older people came and watch, and they seems enjoyed it so much.

The life music was beautiful. They have Erhu and other Chinese instrument.

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